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Purpose of Happy Liberated Soul

Every one of us is born on this planet with unique abilities to perform unique activities during our life span. This is the true purpose of every individual’s life in its purest form. Firstly it is important to discover our true potential which may not necessarily be same as that of our peers. Secondly, it is important to choose a path in our lives based on this discovery because actions performed in sync with our natural abilities are not only effortless but also the most fulfilling.

Performing such fulfilling activities keeps one present in the moment which improves our productivity. A productive person has time to focus on other essential areas of his life like finances, health, relationships, hobbies (like reading, writing, dancing, travelling, singling, painting), fitness and last but not the least spirituality. When one spends time doing what he loves to do, with people he loves, free from any financial or health related worry, he get a peace of mind and lead a happier life.      

But unfortunately most of the society fails to discover our true potential due to numerous reasons ranging from lack of time, insufficient knowledge, improper finances, bad health, lack of guidance, relationship issues, limiting believes and barriers which our society builds, to restrain them from thinking of life beyond a hasty and frustrating 9 to 5 rat race.

If you want to experience a happier life filled with peace and fulfillment you have landed on the right page. I as a founder of Happy Liberated Soul have a vision for a society free from day to day tensions and frustrations related to job, wealth, health and relationships. I think now you have a clear idea about the purpose of this blog. Below I have briefly covered primary areas which are cornerstones of this blog meant to change your lives for better.


Proverbs like:

“Health is Wealth”, “Survival of the Fittest”

Is something we have been hearing since our childhood but how often (or do we ever) give attention to them. Fitness- Be it physical, mental or spiritual is as important as other aspects such as wealth and relationships in order to lead a happier life. In the Health section you will get killer ideas which will not only let you enhance your physical fitness but also enable you to improve your overall spiritual & mental health.


In the current scenario, wherein inflation is high, appraisals are shrinking and job satisfaction is at all time low “financial freedom” becomes indispensable like never before. Here at Happy Liberated Soul you will get easy to learn and apply, ideas which will help you grow your finances gradually. Time plays an important role when it comes to investing, so earlier you start better it is to grow your money so you better not ignore this area of your life. Stay tuned to Wealth section to get valuable ideas for consistent financial growth.


Most of us search for happiness in the outer world by indulging in activities like munching, watching movies, over commercialized sports (read WWE) and reality shows (read big-brother), in some extreme cases over-drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking.

These activities do add happiness to our lives but the question is how long does it lasts for? In majority of the cases it doesn’t lasts for more than a couple of hours for such activities do nothing but acts like stimulants for our mind. Here we are operating at the “level of mind” however in order to experience happiness which is pure and long lasting in nature, we need to operate at the “level of soul”.

The best way to connect to our soul is by meditating which can be done using quite a few techniques which are more or less same. The basic idea behind every meditation technique including Vipassana is to be present, be aware of “the moment” and in the process become thoughtless. It involves breathing technique in which we focus on our breath, observing the air pass through our nostrils while slowly inhaling and exhaling. When we continue to observe our breath in this way for some time our thoughts tend to recede and slowly & steadily we begin to operate at the “level of soul”.

Stopping our thoughts is easier said than done because it is the basic nature of our mind to keep wandering from one thought to another. Getting control over our thoughts is just like overcoming any bad habit; it does take time so one needs to be patient. However, taking into account the end result, all the patience is completely worth it.

The idea is to enjoy the journey because the “process of meditation” aligns us on our path to spirituality. And when we are on our path to spirituality we are bound to experience pure happiness by being present in every moment, which is the true purpose of life.

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When was the last time you cancelled the plan to- pursue a hobby, read a book, travel to your favorite destination, watch a critically acclaimed or an Academy award winning movie due to “lack of time”? Time runs very fast, as we find ourselves loaded with household as well as office chores. It is hard to get time for ourselves during weekdays and by the time weekend arrives we are too tired to indulge in any fulfilling and meaningful activities in order to experience any sort of real happiness.

So the question here is how can we add time to our fast paced lives when there are only 24 hours in a day. Of course we cannot add more time to a 24-hour day but we can always reduce the time we spent on our day to day activities. In other words, we can save time by improving our “efficiency” while doing our routine activities. Time saved can be added to a 24-hour day and we can use this very time to spend on ourselves by indulging in any of the aforementioned activities we are passionate about.

As far as improving efficiency is concerned here at Happy Liberated Soul you will get easy to learn time tested techniques which includes but not limited to meditation, time management, focus, habit building, fast decision making, anti-addiction etc. Meditation leads to better focus and high energy, which eventually results in improved efficiency. For example, if you complete a task in 4 hours under current circumstances, by practicing meditation on regular basis you can complete the same the task in 2 to 3 hours.

I have personally experienced such remarkable improvement in my productivity by practicing meditation on daily basis for over last 4 years (at the time of writing this post). Stay tuned to our Productivity section to get actionable items which will not only improve your efficiency but also enable you to lead a happier life. 

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